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Togo 2010    (Group continued on next page...)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
TG2010A_DWNUM Dwelling number H Togo 2010
TG2010A_PERNUM Person number (within household) P Togo 2010
TG2010A_DUPREC Duplicate person record P Togo 2010
TG2010A_PERN Number of persons in household H Togo 2010
TG2010A_URBAN Urban or rural H Togo 2010
TG2010A_HHTYPE Household type H Togo 2010
TG2010A_HHTYPE2 Collective household H Togo 2010
TG2010A_NPREPER Total present residents H Togo 2010
TG2010A_NABSPER Number of absent residents H Togo 2010
TG2010A_NVISPER Total visitors H Togo 2010
TG2010A_DWTYPE Type of dwelling H Togo 2010
TG2010A_WALLS Material of walls H Togo 2010
TG2010A_ROOF Material of roof H Togo 2010
TG2010A_FLOOR Material of floor H Togo 2010
TG2010A_ROOMS Number of rooms for habitation H Togo 2010
TG2010A_OTHRMS Number of other rooms (kitchen, shop, stable, etc.) H Togo 2010
TG2010A_OWNERSHP Ownership of dwelling H Togo 2010
TG2010A_LIGHT Principal lighting mode H Togo 2010
TG2010A_FUELCK Energy for cooking H Togo 2010
TG2010A_WATDRNK Source of drinking water H Togo 2010
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Variable Label
Type Sample
TG2010A_WATOTH Source of water for other uses (bathing, washing, etc.) H Togo 2010
TG2010A_TOILET Type of lavatory H Togo 2010
TG2010A_TRASH Trash disposal H Togo 2010
TG2010A_SEWAGE Waste water disposal H Togo 2010
TG2010A_RADIO Radio H Togo 2010
TG2010A_TV Television H Togo 2010
TG2010A_CABLE Parabolic antenna or cable H Togo 2010
TG2010A_COMPUTR Computer H Togo 2010
TG2010A_DVD Video recorder, VCD, or DVD player H Togo 2010
TG2010A_REFRIG Refrigerator or freezer H Togo 2010
TG2010A_STOVE Stove or gas cooker H Togo 2010
TG2010A_BIKE Bicycle H Togo 2010
TG2010A_MOTORCYC Motorcycle H Togo 2010
TG2010A_AUTO Car H Togo 2010
TG2010A_PHONE Landline telephone H Togo 2010
TG2010A_CELL Mobile telephone H Togo 2010
TG2010A_AIRCON Air conditioner H Togo 2010
TG2010A_FAN Ventilator or fan H Togo 2010
TG2010A_MILL Mill H Togo 2010
TG2010A_PLOT Agricultural plot H Togo 2010
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Variable Label
Type Sample
TG2010A_CATTLE Cattle H Togo 2010
TG2010A_SHEEP Sheep or goats H Togo 2010
TG2010A_PIGS Pigs H Togo 2010
TG2010A_DONKEYS Donkeys H Togo 2010
TG2010A_HORSES Horses H Togo 2010
TG2010A_POULTRY Poultry H Togo 2010
TG2010A_DTHANY Death in household (last 12 months) H Togo 2010
TG2010A_DEATHS Number of deaths in household (last 12 months) H Togo 2010
TG2010A_WTHH Weight H Togo 2010
TG2010A_STRATA Strata H Togo 2010
TG2010A_RELATE Relationship to household head P Togo 2010
TG2010A_SEX Sex P Togo 2010
TG2010A_STATUS Residential status P Togo 2010
TG2010A_BIRTHYR Year of birth P Togo 2010
TG2010A_AGE Age (in years) P Togo 2010
TG2010A_BPLREG Region of birth P Togo 2010
TG2010A_BPLPREF Prefecture or country of birth P Togo 2010
TG2010A_BPLURBAN Urban status of birthplace P Togo 2010
TG2010A_ETHNIC Ethnicity or nationality P Togo 2010
TG2010A_RELIG Religion P Togo 2010