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Egypt 2006    (Group continued on next page...)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
EG2006A_DWNUM Dwelling number H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_PERNUM Person number (within household) P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_PERN Number of persons in household H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_FBIG Dwelling created by splitting apart a large dwelling or household H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_FBIG_NH Number of persons in large household before it was split H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_URBAN Urban/rural H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_PUBHOUS Public housing type H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_MALES Number of household members (males) H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_FEMALES Number of household members (females) H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_MEMBERS Number of household members (total) H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_DWTYPE Dwelling type H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_OWNERSHP Ownership status H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_WATSRC Source of water H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_WATACC Access to water H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_LIGHTING Lighting H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_SEWAGE Sewage H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_ROOMS Number of rooms H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_RENT Monthly rent in Egyptian pounds H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_KITCHEN Kitchen H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_BATHROOM Separate bathroom H Egypt 2006
Egypt 2006   (continued)    (Group continued on next page...)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
EG2006A_BATHTOIL Bathroom with toilet H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_SEPTOIL Separate toilet H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_PROPANE Fuel and energy used: propane H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_GAS Fuel and energy used: natural gas H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_KEROSENE Fuel and energy used: kerosene H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_ELECTRIC Fuel and energy used: electricity H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_OTHFUEL Fuel and energy used: other H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_AUTO Number of private cars owned H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_MOTOCYC Number of motorcycles owned H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_BIKE Number of bicycles owned H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_OTHTRANS Number of other means of transportation owned H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_NOTRANS No means of transportation H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_RADIO Number of radios H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_TV Number of televisions H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_VIDEO Number of video players H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_SATELL Number of satellite dishes H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_FRIDGE Number of refrigerators H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_FREEZER Number of deep freezers H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_WASHERNON Number of non-automatic washing machines H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_WASHER Number of automatic washing machines H Egypt 2006
Egypt 2006   (continued)    (Group continued on next page...)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
EG2006A_DISHWASH Number of dishwashers H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_STOVE Number of stoves H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_WATHEAT Number of water heaters H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_VACUUM Number of vacuum cleaners H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_AIRCON Number of air conditioners H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_PC Number of computers H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_FAN Number of fans H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_INTERNET Number of internet connections H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_PHONE Number of land-line phones H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_CELL Number of cellular phones H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_NOAPPL No household appliances H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_STRATA Strata H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_RELATE Relationship to household head P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_AGE Age P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_SEX Sex P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_RELIG Religion P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_NATIONG Nationality P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_NATION Nationality in detail P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_MARST Marital status P Egypt 2006
EG2006A_WIVES Number of wives P Egypt 2006