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China 1982   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
CN1982A_NBIRTHS Number of births in household in 1981 H China 1982
CN1982A_NDEATHS Number of deaths in household in 1981 H China 1982
CN1982A_NREG Number of persons who had registered but were not living in the household in 1981 H China 1982
CN1982A_HHTY Type of dwelling H China 1982
CN1982A_DWNUM Dwelling number H China 1982
CN1982A_PERNUM Person number (within household) P China 1982
CN1982A_PERN Number of persons in household H China 1982
CN1982A_FBIG Dwelling created by splitting apart a large dwelling or household H China 1982
CN1982A_FBIG_NH Number of persons in large household before it was split H China 1982
CN1982A_DONATED Donated dwelling H China 1982
CN1982A_D_NUM Donation strata: strata number H China 1982
CN1982A_STRATA Strata H China 1982
CN1982A_RELATE Relationship to household head P China 1982
CN1982A_SEX Sex P China 1982
CN1982A_AGE Age P China 1982
CN1982A_ETHNIC Ethnicity P China 1982
CN1982A_REGSTATU Registration status P China 1982
CN1982A_EDUC Education level P China 1982
CN1982A_INDUSTRY Industry P China 1982
CN1982A_OCC Occupation P China 1982
China 1982   (continued)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
CN1982A_NONWORK Status of non-working person P China 1982
CN1982A_MARST Marital status P China 1982
CN1982A_CHBORN Number of children ever born P China 1982
CN1982A_CHSURV Number of children now living P China 1982
CN1982A_BIRTHORD Order of birth in 1981 P China 1982