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Mali 1987   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
ML1987A_DWNUM Dwelling number H Mali 1987
ML1987A_PERNUM Person number (within household) P Mali 1987
ML1987A_PERN Number of persons in household H Mali 1987
ML1987A_FBIG Dwelling created by splitting apart a large dwelling or household H Mali 1987
ML1987A_DONATED Donated dwelling H Mali 1987
ML1987A_D_NUM Donation strata: strata number H Mali 1987
ML1987A_HHTYPE Type of household H Mali 1987
ML1987A_HSGTY Type of housing H Mali 1987
ML1987A_BLDTY Type of building H Mali 1987
ML1987A_ROOMS Number of rooms occupied H Mali 1987
ML1987A_OCCUPAN Type of occupancy H Mali 1987
ML1987A_WALL Wall material H Mali 1987
ML1987A_ROOF Roof material H Mali 1987
ML1987A_FLOOR Floor material H Mali 1987
ML1987A_WATSRC Source of water H Mali 1987
ML1987A_TOILET Type of toilet facility H Mali 1987
ML1987A_LIGHT Type of lighting H Mali 1987
ML1987A_FUEL Type of Fuel H Mali 1987
ML1987A_STOVE Improved fire place H Mali 1987
ML1987A_MORTN Number of mortality records H Mali 1987
Mali 1987   (continued)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
ML1987A_RELATE Relationship with the head of household P Mali 1987
ML1987A_SEX Sex P Mali 1987
ML1987A_RESID Residence status P Mali 1987
ML1987A_RESSEX Residence status by sex P Mali 1987
ML1987A_BIRDOC Date of birth P Mali 1987
ML1987A_AGEUNIT Age unit P Mali 1987
ML1987A_AGERAW Age in months, years P Mali 1987
ML1987A_BPL Place of birth: province or country P Mali 1987
ML1987A_RESDUR Duration of residence P Mali 1987
ML1987A_NATION Nationality P Mali 1987
ML1987A_DISAB Handicap P Mali 1987
ML1987A_POPLIV Father alive P Mali 1987
ML1987A_MOMLIV Mother alive P Mali 1987
ML1987A_LIT Literacy P Mali 1987
ML1987A_EDATTAN Last grade attended P Mali 1987
ML1987A_MTONGUE Mother's tongue P Mali 1987
ML1987A_LANGSP Spoken language P Mali 1987
ML1987A_EMPSTAT Type of activity P Mali 1987
ML1987A_PROF1 Profession, major group P Mali 1987
ML1987A_PROF2 Profession P Mali 1987
Mali 1987   (continued)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
ML1987A_OCC3 Occupation recode P Mali 1987
ML1987A_OCC Occupation last month P Mali 1987
ML1987A_IND Principal branch of employment last month P Mali 1987
ML1987A_CLASSWK Work status (in main activity last month) P Mali 1987
ML1987A_MARST Marital status P Mali 1987
ML1987A_CHBORN Children ever born P Mali 1987
ML1987A_CHSURV Children surviving P Mali 1987