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Fiji 1996    (Group continued on next page...)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
FJ1996A_DWNUM Dwelling number H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_PERNUM Person number (within household) P Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_PERN Number of persons in household H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_FBIG Dwelling created by splitting apart a large dwelling or household H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_PROV Province H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_BATCHNUM Batch number H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_DWTYPE Living quarters H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WALLS Wall materials H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_ROOMS Number of rooms H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WATSUP Water supply H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WATDRY Water supply dries up H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_ELECT Electricity H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_ELECTSUP Electricity supplier H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_LIGHT Source of lighting H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_FUEL Source of cooking fuel H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_TOILET Toilet facilities H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_SEPTIC Septic tank H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_TENURE Living quarters tenure H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_LANDOWN Land tenure H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_DWADEQ Dwelling adequacy H Fiji 1996
Fiji 1996   (continued)    (Group continued on next page...)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
FJ1996A_WASTCOLL Waste collected by local authority H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WASTBURY Waste buried H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WASTBURN Waste burned H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WASTRIV Waste disposed into rivers H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WASTBKYD Waste disposed in backyard H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WASTOTHR Other waste disposal H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_AUTO Household has car H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_TRUCK Household has carrier/truck H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_REFRIG Household has refrigerator H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_VIDEO Household has video/television H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WASHER Household has washing machine H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_STOVE Household has gas/electric stove H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_PHONE Household has telephone H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_MOTOR Household has outboard motor H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_WATPUMP Household has water pump H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CROPS Any crop production in 1996 H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_LIVESTCK Raise any livestock in 1996 H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_SEAFOOD Catch any seafood in 1996 H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_BUSINESS Run any a business in 1996 H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CRAFTS Any craft production in 1996 H Fiji 1996
Fiji 1996   (continued)    (Group continued on next page...)   [top]
Variable Label
Type Sample
FJ1996A_OTHERACT Other business or activity in 1996 H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CROPVEG Crop production in 1996: vegetables H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CROPROOT Crop production in 1996: root crops H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CROPCOPR Crop production in 1996: copra H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CROPOTH Crop production in 1996: other crops and grain H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CATTLE Raise livestock in 1996: cattle H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_PIGS Raise livestock in 1996: pigs H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_POULTRY Raise livestock in 1996: poultry H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_FISH Catch seafood in 1996: fish H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CRAB Catch seafood in 1996: crabs and lobsters H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_SHELLS Catch seafood in 1996: shells H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_SEACUC Catch seafood in 1996: sea cucumber H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_BUSSTORE Run a business in 1996: store, bakery H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_BUSTAXI Run a business in 1996: truck, taxi, carrier H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_BUSBOAT Run a business in 1996: boat H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CRAFT1 Craft production in 1996: boat/canoes H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CRAFT2 Craft production in 1996: wooden handicraft H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CRAFT3 Craft production in 1996: mats, baskets H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CRAFT4 Craft production in 1996: thatching materials H Fiji 1996
FJ1996A_CRAFT5 Craft production in 1996: houses H Fiji 1996