IPUMS-International GIS Boundary Files

IPUMS-International provides boundary files (shapefiles) to facilitate national and international data mapping. Users can create maps with IPUMS-International data using a statistical software program and ArcGIS (a GIS mapping software).

Three types of GIS boundary files are available in a shapefile format to map IPUMS-International data:

World map with harmonized first level of geography: A single world map file including the major administrative unit in which the household was enumerated. This shape file incorporates spatio-temporally harmonized first level geographic units for every IPUMS-International country to enable cross-national geographic analysis over time. The attribute data reflects the codes that are found in the GEOLEV1 variable.

World and first level country maps for the most recent census year: Individual country map files with boundaries for the major administrative unit in which the household was enumerated. The country maps enable visual representation of IPUMS-International data for the most recent census year from a particular country. These shapefiles, one each for most IPUMS-International countries, do not account for changes in administrative boundaries over time.

European NUTS map: The European Union's Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) provides a single uniform breakdown for territorial regions for the European Union countries. The shapefile will display aggregated data for first (ENUTS1) and second level (ENUTS2) NUTS regions.

NOTE: All map files are provided to facilitate visual illustrations of IPUMS-International data rather than precise geographical calculation.