IPUMS International Research Data Enclave

The IPUMS International Research Data Enclave (IRDE) was established to enable research that is only possible using confidential microdata that cannot otherwise be made widely available. To prevent disclosure of confidential information, IRDE enables access to microdata through a secure web portal at an approved IRDE research access facility.

To be eligible for access to data from the IRDE, a research project must be led or supervised by a faculty member at an accredited college or university, or by a researcher at a not-for-profit research-oriented organization. Microdata are available at no cost, but their use imposes legally-binding responsibilities upon the user. To access the data, a prospective user must demonstrate a need for secure data that cannot be fulfilled using other publicly-available data. Researchers should be specific in the application about what data is required to complete the research project. Consult:

IPUMS IRDE Data Availability List

To determine whether you meet criteria for access, consult the Researcher Handbook. The IPUMS IRDE Researcher Handbook will guide you through the process of applying for access, connecting to the remote environment, using the data, and preparing output for review. As a user of the IPUMS IRDE, you are respoonsible for knowing the rules and policies explained in this handbook.

IPUMS IRDE Research Handbook.

IPUMS IRDE Locations

The initial implementation of the IPUMS IRDE is housed at the Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota. Additional IPUMS IRDE access facilities will be coming to population, statistics, and social science research centers at Universities and Statistical Offices worldwide. Watch this page for updates.

IPUMS IRDE Application for Access to Secure Data

The IPUMS IRDE Application consists of a research statement, a researcher form, and a confidentiality agreement. To apply, the researcher or research team may submit one project description which names all researchers requesting access to the data. A researcher form, C.V., and confidentiality agreement for each named researcher must be included with the application.

To apply, complete:

and, for each researcher requesting access to the data, provide:

Assemble the application materials and submit via email to ipums-irde@umn.edu.

Upon approval of the research project, confidentiality agreements must be signed by the PI, the PI's institution, and each research team member.

You may direct all questions about the IPUMS IRDE to ipums-irde@umn.edu.

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