Teaching with IPUMS

Classroom accounts. Registered IPUMS users can create classroom accounts that allow them to share data extracts with students through our website. Student registration is also streamlined.

Data usage exercises. These exercises are designed to familiarize users with the IPUMS metadata browsing system; provide tips for using the microdata; and guide users through the online tabulation system.

Statistics exercises using IPUMS. These exercises are designed to teach basic statistical concepts using R and real world census microdata from IPUMS-International. Your input is welcome and can be directed to ipums@umn.edu. Please refer to "IPUMSI Statistics Exercises" in the subject.

Syllabi and class exercises. We are in the process of collecting teaching materials that use IPUMS data, which we will post on our site. If you have such materials and are willing to share them, please contact us at ipums@umn.edu.