European NUTS geography

The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) is a standard administrative division of the European Union, the European Economic Area, and certain candidate countries, and was developed as a system of regional boundaries for member nations. Census variables recorded by European countries according to the NUTS geographic regions can be displayed using the IPUMS ENUTS boundary files.

ENUTS1, ENUTS2, and ENUTS3 identifies the first, second, and third level territorial units within countries. These variables correspond with the 2010 version of NUTS released by Eurostat. Codes in the attribute table of the shapefile correspond to the ENUTS1, ENUTS2, and ENUTS3 variables.

Due to ongoing changes in the NUTS coding structure and physical boundary changes from Eurostat, IPUMS-International has released a second set of ENUTS variables. These variables correspond to the 2013 physical boundaries of NUTS, along with an updated coding system to more closely align with both Eurostat and other IPUMS-International geography variables. NUTS 2013 was enforced on 31 December 2013 and was applied from 1 January 2015. The new variables can be found at ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, and ENUTS3_2013, and country specific information can be found in the comparability sections of the variable descriptions.

All European Union countries except Finland, Hungary, and The Netherlands provide some geographic detail in IPUMS International microdata samples and are included in NUTS.

Country 2010 version of NUTS 2013 version of NUTS
Availability Sample Years Availability Sample Years
Austria ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1971-2011 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, ENUTS3_2013 2011
France ENUTS1, ENUTS2 1962-2011 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013 2011
Germany ENUTS1 1970-1987 N/A N/A
Greece ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1971-2011 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, ENUTS3_2013 2011
Ireland ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1971-2016 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, ENUTS3_2013 2011-2016
Italy ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3* 2001-2020 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, ENUTS3_2013* 2011-2020
Poland ENUTS1, ENUTS2 2002-2011 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013 2011
Portugal ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1981-2011 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013 2011
Romania ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1977-2011 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, ENUTS3_2013 2011
Slovakia ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1991-2011 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, ENUTS3_2013 2011
Slovenia ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 2002 N/A N/A
Spain ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1981-2020 ENUTS1_2013, ENUTS2_2013, ENUTS3_2013 2010-2020
Switzerland ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 1970-2000 N/A N/A
Turkey ENUTS1, ENUTS2, ENUTS3 2000 N/A N/A
United Kingdom ENUTS1 1991-2001 N/A N/A

* For Italy, ENUTS3 and ENUTS3_2013 are only available for Labor Force Survey samples from 2014 to 2020

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