Year-specific third-level geography

Third-level geography information is only available for selected countries in IPUMS International where National Statistical Offices provide the information and also when third-level units meet confidentiality treshold of 20,000 population. IPUMS does not spatially harmonize third-level geography and changes in boundaries over time are not accounted for.

Year-specific geography variables and GIS boundary files are intended for studying and displaying one specific sample year for a country. Year-specific variables provide greater detail than spatially harmonized variables because they do not need to account for boundary changes over time. Units below 20,000 population are aggregated for confidentiality purposes.

The attribute data include codes for the COUNTRY (country of residence) variable, codes for the corresponding year-specific variable that the GIS boundaries match (e.g. IPUM2007 for Mozambique 2007), and the original second-level geography codes provided by the statistical offices of the respective countries (e.g. DIST2007 for Mozambique 2007). For a complete list of all year-specific variables at the first level of geography, click here.

IPUMS International has only recently started working on lower levels of geography, as more countries become available, we will keep adding to the list. The table below lists the few countries where we have released third-level information along with GIS maps. Click on each sample year to download the year-specific GIS shapefile.

Country Third-level geography Sample years
Myanmar Township 2014
Senegal Commune, arrondissement, or village 2002 2013
South Africa Local municipality 2007 2011 2016
Uganda Sub-county 2014

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