Handbook of International Historical Microdata for Population Research

Winner of the 2001 award for "Best Book" from the American Association for History and Computing, this book contains our first inventory of census microdata.

Title Page, Financial Support, Acknowledgements
Preface — The Origins of IMAG: The International Microdata Access Group Lisa Y. Dillon


1. Introduction — International Historical Microdata: A New Resource for Research and Planning Patricia Kelly Hall
Robert McCaa
Gunnar Thorvaldsen
I. National Microdata: Country-Specific Datasets Available for Research
2. Argentina — The First National Historical Census Microdata Robert McCaa
Michael R. Haines
Eileen Mulhare
3. Canada — The Canadian Families Project Peter Baskerville
4. China — Censuses of 1982 and 1990 Wang Feng
5. Colombia — Microdata Samples for Four National Censuses: 1964, 1973, 1985, and 1993 Robert McCaa
6. Denmark — The Danish Data Archive Nanna Floor Clausen
Hans Jorgen Marker
7. France — Twentieth-Century Census Microdata Jean-Luis Rallu
Laurent Toulemon
8. Great Britain — Microdata from the 1851 and 1881 Censuses Matthew Woollard
9. Korea — Electronic Microdata of the Censuses of the Republic of Korea at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii Minja Kim Choe
10. Mexico — Census Microdata: 1960, 1970, 1990, 1995 Cecilia Rabell
11. Netherlands — Historical Sample of the Netherlands Kees Mandemakers
12. Norway — The Norwegian Historical Data Centre Gunnar Thorvaldsen
13. Sweden-Stockholm — The Stockholm Historical Database Agneta Geshwind
Stefan Fogelvik
14. Sweden-Umea — The Demographic Data Base at Umea University: A Resource for Historical Studies Soren Edvinsson
15. Tuscany — Demography, Economy, and Society: Interdisciplinary Research on the Granduchy of Tuscany in the Mid-19th Century Carlo A. Corsini
16. U.S.A. — IPUMS: Integrated Public Use Microdata for the United States Steven Ruggles
Catherine A. Fitch
Patricia Kelly Hall
Matthew Sobek
II. Beyond Boundaries: Harmonizing National Microdata Across Time and Space
17. Latin America — The Standardized Census Sample (OMUECE) of Latin America, 1959-1982 Robert McCaa
Dirk J. Jaspers-Faijer
18. Europe — PAU Census Microdata Samples Project Nikolai Botev
19. Spatial Frameworks for Historical Censuses — The Great Britain Historical GIS Ian Gregory
Humphrey Southall
20. IPUMS-International — A Global Project to Preserve Machine-Readable Census Microdata and Make Them Usable Robert McCaa
Steven Ruggles
21. A Look into the Future — Using and Improving International Microdata for Historical Research Lisa Y. Dillon
Gunnar Thorvaldsen
III. The World's Microdata: Inventories and Specifications of the World's Known Microdata
Specifications for Available Machine-Readable Census Microdata Susan Brower
Rebecca Dennison
Jocelyn P. Shelton
Inventory of Known, Machine-Readable Census Microdata (Revised August 2001) Susan Brower
Rebecca Dennison
Jocelyn P. Shelton

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