IPUMS-International and IPUMS-DHS crosswalk

Crosswalk geography variables identify administrative units in IPUMS-DHS countries that match those in the IPUMS-International census data. The variables correspond to the primary level of geography in both IPUMS-DHS and IPUMS-International. The spatially-consistent variables in the two databases allow researchers to summarize census data and attach it as contextual information to the DHS samples or vice versa.

IPUMS International geography corresponds to census geography as collected by the National Statistical Offices. The DHS project in most cases collects geographical information at the first administrative level of geography for the country. For several countries, the IPUMS International census geography matches the DHS geography, however there are variations, which lead to some detail being lost in the process of creating a spatially consistent geography and linking IDHS health data to IPUMS International census data.

The attribute data in the GIS files correspond to the codes that are found in the crosswalk variable for each country listed below.

Country Crosswalk Geography Sample Year
BANGLADESH DHS_IPUMSI_BD [shapefile] 1976 - 2011
BURKINA FASO DHS_IPUMSI_BF [shapefile] 1996 - 2010
CAMEROON DHS_IPUMSI_CM [shapefile] 1976 - 2011
EGYPT DHS_IPUMSI_EG [shapefile] 1986 - 2014
ETHIOPIA DHS_IPUMSI_ET [shapefile] 1994 - 2011
GHANA DHS_IPUMSI_GH [shapefile] 1984 - 2014
GUINEA DHS_IPUMSI_GN [shapefile] 1983 - 2012
INDIA DHS_IPUMSI_IN [shapefile] 1983 - 2009
KENYA DHS_IPUMSI_KE [shapefile] 1969 - 2014
MALAWI DHS_IPUMSI_MW [shapefile] 1987 - 2010
MALI DHS_IPUMSI_ML [shapefile] 1987 - 2012
MOZAMBIQUE DHS_IPUMSI_MZ [shapefile] 1997 - 2011
NIGERIA DHS_IPUMSI_NG [shapefile] 2006 - 2013
PAKISTAN DHS_IPUMSI_PK [shapefile] 1976 - 2011
RWANDA DHS_IPUMSI_RW [shapefile] 1991 - 2005
SUDAN DHS_IPUMSI_SD [shapefile] 1976 - 2011
TANZANIA DHS_IPUMSI_TZ [shapefile] 1988 - 2012
UGANDA DHS_IPUMSI_UG [shapefile] 1991 - 2011
ZAMBIA DHS_IPUMSI_ZM [shapefile] 1990 - 2013

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