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Data Analyst
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IPUMS Data Projects

IPUMS International
IPUMS Global Health - DHS, PMA, and MICS (forthcoming)

Research Interests and Project Expertise

Demographic data infrastructure; Spatial and Temporal Harmonization; Spatial Analysis; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Mapping and Data Visualization


I joined IPUMS International after earning my B.S. in Geography from the University of Minnesota, and working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant with the IPUMS CPS project. I work with geographic data provided by IPUMS partners, harmonizing differences in geography to provide users with stable boundaries across time. A project that has taken greater focus more recently, is the incusion of finer detailed geography variables to allow users more control when studing specific areas, such as urban centers. I also work with my colleagues on IPUMS Global Health projects, including the Demographic Health Surveys (DHS), Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA) surveys, and the newest health survey data in the IPUMS family - the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS). I aid in providing geographic variables that can be used to visualize health and census data together. Lastly, I also work to provide contextual variable data for DHS clusters, giving a broader sense of the physical and social environment during survey periods.

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