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Population Information

Chapter E. For all persons.

Enumerator: Keep in mind the following instructions for questions 7, 8 and 9:

a. Mark "in this place" if referring to the same district in which the person is being enumerated;

b. Mark "in another place" if referring to another district, and specify the name of the district, whether it is a city/town or company [compañía]/colony [colonia]/indigenous community, and the name of the department.

c. If you marked "in another country," write the name of the country.

For office use only:

_ _ _ Disability
_ _ _ Disability
_ _ _ Disability

_ _ Ethnicity
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I. Information about disabilities

Do not forget to ask this question.

Question 36: Is there a person in this household who has a permanent physical of mental disability?

Exclude the incapacities due to temporary problems, such as broken bones or illnesses.