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United State, PUMA 2010 [Level 2, GIS]

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GEO2_US2010 identifies the household's PUMA (Public Use Microdata Area) within United States in 2010. PUMAs are the second level administrative units of the country for census purposes, after states. A GIS map (in shapefile format), corresponding to GEO2_US2010 can be downloaded from the GIS Boundary files page in the IPUMS International web site. The GIS boundary files for GEO2_US2010 are based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 TIGER/Line files.

The full set of geography variables for United States can be found in the IPUMS International Geography variables list. For cross-national geographic analysis on the first and second major administrative level of any country refer to GEOLEV1, and GEOLEV2. More information on IPUMS-International geography can be found here.

More details on construction of PUMAs can be found in IPUMS USA website. The following excel file lists GEO2_US2010 and their relationship to CPUMA0010.

Comparability — General

Due to significant population losses in the New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina, the Census merged 3 PUMAs in Louisiana (2201801, 2201802, and 2201905) into 1 PUMA (2277777).


  • All households and group quarters; not available for Puerto Rico.


  • United States: 2010