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Israel, District 1983 [Level 1; GIS]

Codes and Frequencies

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GEO1_IL1983 identifies the household's district within Israel in 1983. Districts are the first level administrative units of the country. A GIS map (in shapefile format), corresponding to GEO1_IL1983 can be downloaded from the GIS Boundary files page in the IPUMS International web site.

The full set of geography variables for Israel can be found in the IPUMS International Geography variables list. For cross-national geographic analysis on the first and second major administrative level, refer to GEOLEV1, and GEOLEV2. More information on IPUMS-International geography can be found here.

Comparability — General

Israel has three regions that are in dispute with its neighboring states. The disputed areas are a result of the Third Arab–Israeli War in 1967.

Disputed regions:

  • No Man's Land along the Israel/Palestine border is coded as 099.
  • Judea, Samaria, and Gaza Areas (in dispute with Palestine) are coded as 007. These are the areas that make up Palestine. Data for these areas appear in both Israel and Palestine. In Palestine, the units are recorded separately while in Israel, the units appear as one unit.
  • Golan is included in the northern part (in dispute with Syria) is coded as 002.

The 1983 census takes Golan as a subdistrict of the Northern district, and includes East Jerusalem area of the West Bank in its Jerusalem district. The year specific map of 1983 includes Golan as a part of the Northern district with the same code (002) as the Northern district.


  • All households


  • Israel: 1983