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Fertility (Own children ever born alive)
[Question F-1 to F-6 were asked of females 12 years and over]

F-1 Live birth
Have you ever had a live birth? (Including babies who dies after birth)

[] 1-Yes
[] 2-No (If "No", go to next person or M-1)

F-2 Age at first live birth
How old were you when you first had a live birth? ____

a. How many are still living with you? How many of these are male and how many female?
b. How many are living elsewhere in some other household? How many of these are male and how many are female?
c. How many died? How many of these are male and how many are female?

Male ____
Female ____
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Chapter VI-Fertility

1. You are about to start a new topic so you have to prepare the respondent by informing her that you are now going to ask her questions about children and child bearing. Remember these are questions to be asked of female adults and not for husbands to answer for their wives, except where it is inevitable. Questions on fertility are to be asked only of those females who are 12 years old and over and they involve only their own children.

F - 4: Of the children born to you alive how many ...?
5. The number of male and female children ever born alive to this female is to be recorded separately in three different categories. These are: still living and still at home with the respondent (i.e staying in the same household with the respondent); still living but staying with some other households e.g other relatives, married off, in institutions e.t.c; 'and those who have since died (regardless of whether the death took place just after birth or much later in life).


6. If a woman is visiting, then the question of "still living with you should be asked with respect to her usual place of residence. That is about children she normally stays with. Enter the number of children as reported by sex in two digits e.g. 1 male child living with her = 01, 2 children = 02, 10 children = 10 and they should be entered into the respective boxes. If the answer is none enter 00, never leave a box blank except where there is a 'Go To instruction.