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South Africa, Municipality

Codes and Frequencies

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MUNIZA identifies the household's municipality within South Africa from 2001 to present. Municipalities are the third level administrative units of the country, after district council. MUNIZA is harmonized by name and does not account for boundary changes over time.

The full set of geography variables for South Africa can be found in the IPUMS International Geography variables list. For cross-national geographic analysis on the first and second major administrative level refer to GEOLEV1 and GEOLEV2. More information on IPUMS-International geography can be found here.

Comparability — General

Municipalities in South Africa are organized according to the administrative division defined by the 1996 Constitution of South Africa. This territorial organization has been imposed on the 2007 sample to guarantee comparability with 2001. This means that changes in 2005 to the territorial organization of the country (Constitution Twelfth Amendment) have not been followed.

Municipalities have been grouped in provinces and district councils. District councils that cross province boundaries have their own "province" group.

District Management Areas (DMAs) for the entire country have been merged into a single category for confidentiality reasons. DMAs include areas such as deserts and semi-arid areas, state-protected and conservation areas, and special economic areas.

MUNIZA does not account for boundary changes, but users should be aware that there might have been changes over time.

Where officially-defined municipalities have populations less than 20,000, they have been regionalized (combined) with neighboring municipalities within district and province.

The following municipalities are combined for confidentiality purposes:

  • Dikgatlong, Magareng
  • Prince Albert, Laingsburg
  • Blue Crane Route, Ikwezi
  • Sunday's River Valley, Baviaans
  • Tsolwana, Inkwanca
  • Nama Khoi, Richtersveld
  • Hantam, Kamiesberg
  • Karoo Hoogland, Khâi-Ma
  • Umsombomvu, Ubuntu
  • Kwa Sani, Ingwe
  • Siyathemba, Thembelihle, Renosterberg, Kareeberg
  • Kai Garib, Mier
  • Tsantsabane, Kgatelopele, Kheis


  • All households


  • South Africa: 2001, 2007, 2011