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Ghana, Local authority

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LOCALGH identifies the household’s local authority within Ghana in 1984.

The full set of geography variables for Ghana can be found in the IPUMS International Geography variables list. For cross-national geographic analysis on the first and second major administrative level of any country refer to GEOLEV1, and GEOLEV2. More information on IPUMS-International geography can be found here.

Comparability — General

LOCALGH is only available for the 1984 census as Ghana changed from the local authorities system of administration to district assembly system in 1988. The country was demarcated into 110 districts as against the 140 local authorities in 1984. Local authorities are classified into 4 categories based on population size and socio-economic level of development of the main settlement in the area. These are the city councils, municipal councils, urban councils, and local councils.


  • All households


  • Ghana: 1984