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6. Toilet
a. Type

[] 1 Water closet
[] 2 Other

b. Place

[] 1 Inside the dwelling
[] 2 Outside the dwelling, but in the building
[] 3 On the plot, court, of the building

c. Use

[] 1 It belongs only to the dwelling
[] 2 It is common with other flats

7. Way of sewage disposal

[] 1 Public canal
[] 2 House canal
[] 3 No canal

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Filling in table "c) Equipment"

A dwelling will be regarded as equipped with given facility in case the installation is usable, or in case of a transitory (repair) period -- in case of newly erected houses after connecting to the supplier -- the use of the facility is assured.

Community water circuit

A dwelling is equipped with "community water circuit" in case it is connected to the water system run by the city (village) or the district water supply system.

Domestic water circuit
"Domestic" water circuit should be marked in case the tap water is pumped electronically or manually from a well drilled/dug on the parcel of the building.

Drilled well
Deeply drilled Artesian well.

Sewage facility

The sewage can be canalized with the help of a community or domestic canalization.

Community sewage facility
"Community sewage" answer will be marked in case the dwelling is connected to a central sewage system.

Domestic sewage
"Domestic sewage" means connection to a depository, desiccators or cesspool on a non-communal territory.

Table on page 4 of the Dwelling questionnaire will be filled in after enumerating all the persons living/registered in the dwelling.