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1st subnational geographic level of residence 10 years prior to survey, world [consistent boundaries over time]

Codes and Frequencies

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GEOMIG1_10 indicates the major administrative unit in which the person resided ten years prior to the survey. Only intra-national migrations are recorded; however, the variable incorporates geographies for every country that lists place of residence ten year ago, to enable comparative analysis of subnational migration. Foreign migrants are coded 097 or 997. Codes for GEOMIG1_10 match the geographic codes in GEOLEV1 (current place of residence).
For similar information for different time intervals since migration, see variables GEOMIG1_P, GEOMIG1_1, and GEOMIG1_5. More on migration and geography can be found here.

Comparability — General

The major administrative level of geography differs between countries both terminologically and in terms of scale. The first three digits of GEOMIG1_10 provide the country code (COUNTRY); the last three digits specify the geographic unit within country. Leading zeros are used when the geographical unit within the country requires less than three digits. Unknown geographical units in any country are assigned the highest possible code within the country.
This variable is comparable across samples, although the number of geographic units specified varies considerably. See the country-specific comparability discussions for more information of each specific country.


  • Iraq 1997: Persons age 10+
  • Laos 2005: Persons age 10+
  • Philippines 2000: Persons age 10+ who lived in a different municipality 10 years ago
  • Senegal 2013: Persons age 10+
  • Spain 1981: Persons age 10+
  • Spain 1991: Persons age 10+
  • Spain 2001: Persons age 10+ and residing in the household at time of census
  • Spain 2011: Persons age 10+
  • Tanzania 1988: Persons age 10+
  • Trinidad and Tobago 1990: Persons age 10+
  • Trinidad and Tobago 2000: Persons age 10+
  • Trinidad and Tobago 2011: Persons in private households who lived in Trinidad and Tobago 10 years ago
  • Zimbabwe 2012: Persons age 10+


  • Iraq: 1997
  • Laos: 2005
  • Philippines: 2000
  • Senegal: 2013
  • Spain: 1981, 1991, 2001, 2011
  • Tanzania: 1988
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 1990, 2000, 2011
  • Zimbabwe: 2012