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Disability status
28. Is [person] disabled? If yes, state type of disability.

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Column 28 - Disability Status: Is [the respondent] disabled? If yes, state type of disability.

A person having physical or mental impairment or defect of a body part is said to be disabled. Generally speaking a disabled person is one who is limited in terms of performing social and economic functions fully and is unable to perform fully or partly the functions normal people can perform because his/her body part is impaired, injured or damaged. Each member of the household will be asked about his/her disability status and the response will be entered in column 28.

Some people are not happy when asked directly "Are you disabled?" Hence care has to be taken when posing this question to respondents. Instead of asking directly that the respondent is disabled, it is better to ask friendly and indirectly if the person has some kind of health problem, such as sight and hearing problems, difficulty of mobility due to problems on extremities of the body, etc. and try to understand the situation.

A person may have multiple disability conditions. Each household member has to be asked about his/her disability condition and identify the type among those listed, together with the corresponding codes 00 - 27, below and record the type in the space provided and its code in card columns 51-52.

List of Disability Types and Codes

Code: Disability Type

00 = Not Disabled
01 = Full blind
02 = One eye blind
03 = Two ears deaf
04 = One ear blind
05 = Deaf and Mute
06 = Deaf, Mute and Blind
07 = One leg amputated below knee
08 = One leg amputated above knee
09 = Two legs amputated below knee
10 = Two legs amputated above knee
11 = Both arms and legs amputated
12 = One arm amputated below elbow
13 = One arm amputated above elbow
14 = Two arms amputated below elbow
15 = Two arms amputated above elbow
16 = Limp/having only one leg/
17 = Limp/Having no leg/
18 = Mental sickness /Madness/
19 = Paralyzed /One leg/
20 = Paralyzed /Both legs/
21 = Paralyzed /One arm/
22 = Paralyzed /Both arms/
23 = Complete paralysis /Both arms and legs/
24 = paralyzed /One arm and one leg/
25 = Leprosy
26 = Epilepsy
27 = Multiple disability
28 = Other /Specify/