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Educational attainment, El Salvador

Codes and Frequencies

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      class Educsv:public Editor {

    Educsv(VarPointer varInfo) : Editor(varInfo) {}
    void edit() {

        long a = getRecoded();
        switch (dataSet) {
        case dataset_id::sv1992a:
            if (SV1992A_0447() == 99 && SV1992A_0425() < 5)
                a = 0;
        case dataset_id::sv2007a:
            if (SV2007A_0431() == 99 && SV2007A_0403() < 5)
                a = 0;




EDUCSV indicates the person's educational attainment in El Salvador in terms of the level of schooling completed.

Comparability — General

El Salvador has a 9-3 system. Primary education comprises 9 years (grades 1-9), divided in 3 cycles of 3 years each. Vocational courses are offered for persons that completed the 6th grade of primary education. Secondary education has a general and a technical track; the general track has 2 years (grades 10-11) while the technical track has 3 years (grades 10-12).

Post-secondary education includes non-university institutions, technical universities, and universities. Non-university education refers to institutions that require a secondary school diploma, such as technological institutes, the national agronomy school, teacher training schools, and others. Technical university refers to the fields of teaching and nursing, and technicians in diverse areas, offered by a university. Technical and teaching studies usually require 3 years and bachelor degrees 5 years (or more) of education.

The variable is largely comparable across samples. No grades are identified for the preschool level in El Salvador 1992. The 2007 sample identifies up to 8 years of study for post-secondary non-university and university education, while the 1992 sample has only a maximum of 2 years for non-university and 5 years for university. El Salvador 2007 has master and doctorate degrees as additional categories. Finally, the 2007 sample has grade 0 for preschool and primary, which was coded as "grade unknown."

An unharmonized variable for schooling outside the formal education system is available for both El Salvador 1992 (SV1992A_0407) and 2007 (SV2007A_0438).

A harmonized international classification of educational attainment is available in EDATTAIN, which imposes a number of compromises to regularize the data across countries. Conversely, EDUCSV retains the full detail on educational attainment for the El Salvador samples.

The number of years of schooling completed is available separately in YRSCHOOL.


  • El Salvador 1992: Persons age 5+
  • El Salvador 2007: Persons age 5+


  • El Salvador: 1992, 2007