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Educational attainment, Ecuador

Codes and Frequencies

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EDUCEC indicates the person's educational attainment in Ecuador in terms of the level of schooling completed and the number of years completed at that level.

Comparability — General

The principal comparability issue concerns the difference between the traditional and new educational systems starting in the 2001 sample. In 2001 and 2010, schools could have been under either the old or new systems of primary and secondary education. The traditional (primary-secondary) system was a 6-6 arrangement, and the new (basic-middle) system was 10-3. See the enumeration text for 2001 for information to convert between the two educational systems.

The 1962 census had responses for "special education," which was basically a type of technical schooling which we have interpreted as post-primary education.

The level of detail available for post-secondary education also differs across samples. The 1962, 2001, and 2010 samples distinguish technical college education. In other years, these persons are included with the more general post-secondary and undergraduate categories. The 1962-1982 samples give years of post-secondary education, but only the 1990, 2001 and 2010 samples distinguish between undergraduates and graduates.

Literacy center education is not recorded in 1962. In the 1990, 2001, and 2010 samples, literacy center attainment is recorded as years 2, 4, and 6 because each year is equivalent to two regular education years, according to the census instructions. The 2010 sample includes pre-school as a separate category.

In Ecuador 2010 one year of education was subtracted for persons currently enrolled in school, given that instructions required registering the current year attending for this group. The previous Ecuador samples record the last grade or year completed.

A harmonized international classification of educational attainment is available in EDATTAIN, which imposes a number of compromises to regularize the data across countries. EDUCEC retains the full detail on educational attainment for the Ecuador samples.

The number of years of schooling completed is available separately in YRSCHOOL.


  • Ecuador 1962: Persons age 6+
  • Ecuador 1974: Persons age 6+
  • Ecuador 1982: Persons age 6+
  • Ecuador 1990: Persons age 6+
  • Ecuador 2001: Persons age 5+
  • Ecuador 2010: Persons age 5+


  • Ecuador: 1962, 1974, 1982, 1990, 2001, 2010