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18. What type of sanitary service is available to the household?
[] 1 Toilet connected to a sewage system (continue with number 19)
[] 3 Toilet connected to septic tank (continue with number 19)
[] 5 Latrine (continue with number 19)
[] 7 Not available (continue with number 20)

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Question No. 18 Toilet facilities of the dwelling

[Below the text is a form.]

Toilet facilities are understood to be any system that permits the elimination of excreta and excrement. This system receives different names according to the regions of the country and according to the type of facilities; for example toilet, lavatory, toilet bowl, taza campesina, latrine, etc.

Mark "x" in the corresponding box taking into account the following definitions.

Toilet connected to a sewer system is a toilet bowl connected to a system of pipes that collect the sewage of the city.

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Toilet connected to a septic tank is a toilet bowl connected by means of a pipe with a subterranean well or hole where excreta is deposited.

Latrine is a well or hole into which excrements directly fall from the bowl or seat.

Bajamar, when excrements fall directly from a bowl or seat to a site from which they are taken away by water.