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Only for persons aged 12 years or older
[Applies to questions 31-37]

P35. What kind of business/service was mainly carried out by [the respondent's] employer/establishment/business in the last 12 months?

Write name of industry and enter code ____ _ _ _
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4.15 Economic activity: for persons 12 years and older

4.17 Industry

P-35: What kind of business/service was mainly carried out by [the respondent's] employer/establishment/business in the last 12 months?

Industry refers to the activity of the establishment in which an employed person worked during the reference period.

For each worker, write the name of the industry in which he/she worked during the reference period and enter the code appropriately (see Appendix 10). If he/she was employed in more than one industry, then enter the industry which relates to the occupation already recorded. If he/she had the same occupation in different industries, then write the current industry in which he/she is working.

A person with a certain skill can work in any industry where the skills are required. In such a situation, industry classification will depend on the industry in which he/she is actually employed.


A Carpenter may work in:

A furniture workshop;
A construction company that builds houses, or;
Zambia Railways.

His/her corresponding industry classification is:

Furniture manufacturing;
Construction of buildings, or;
Railway transport.

The corresponding three-digit industry code is:

410, or;

Many enterprises have several functions and in such a case, the industry should relate to the functions of the establishment where the respondent is closely associated.


Bata Shoe Company functions as either manufacturing or selling shoes. If the function was manufacturing shoes, the industry would be manufacture of footwear and the ISIC Code would be 152. But, if the function was selling shoes in a shoe store, the industry would be Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores and the ISIC code would be 477.

Write the category of Industry which a person is mostly associated with during the reference period.

Some difficulty may be experienced in identifying the industry of persons who move frequently from job to job or do odd jobs. Remember that what is wanted is the Industry of the current job, even if that job started only a day or two ago.

There is no Industry called "Service". For example, if someone is working as a Teacher/Lecturer he/she is in Education Industry. Such a person provides a service, but the Industry is not a service. A retired Soldier employed as a Security Guard at Zambia Breweries is not in Security Services but working in a "Brewing Industry". But someone employed by Security Company e.g. Armcor Security, assigned to guard Zambia Breweries, is in "Security Services" (See Appendix 10 for a list of industries).