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9. What type of toilet facility is your household using?
[] 1 Flushing toilet
[] 2 Suilabh toilet
[] 3 Simple toilet
[] 4 No toilet

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Question 9: What type of latrine system do you use?
Circle the appropriate number for the type of latrine the household is using. Note that this question obtains information up to the time of the investigation, regardless of who owns the latrine. If the household uses more than one type of latrine, then only record the type of latrine that is being used the most.

The types of latrine the household is using are categorized into the following 4 types:
1) Self disposal or semi self disposal latrine: This type of latrine uses water to move feces through the sewer to the tank (also referred to as septic tank), regardless whether the water is poured into the tank through a line or the water is poured into the tank using barrels/pails/basins.

2) Suilabh toilet (also referred to as absorption latrine): This type of latrine destroys feces using water absorption mechanism.

3) Simple latrine: This includes latrines with one compartment, two compartments, or a simple hole that was dug/covered/built. Latrines that use water but no tank, or latrines that use barrels, cat holes, fishing bridges etc., also belong to this type.

4) No latrine: This is the case where the household uses no latrine, but must go to the toilet out in the fields/hills/mountains/an empty piece of land/thick bushes etc.