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For persons born on or before 1-4-1984 (aged 5 and over) answer following questions [applies to questions 6 to 8]

8. b/ Highest grade completed

_ _ Grade

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6. Place where usually live on 4/1/1984 (5 years ago):
Persons who were born before April 1st, 1984 (5 years of age and older) answer this section.

8b) Highest grade completed
Please write down the highest completed and passed grade or graduation from a certain level of general education.

For those who are currently enrolled (or drop out) in a certain grade, for example, the 9th grade, interviewers fill in the next lower completed grade in the form, (e.g. the 8th grade). Persons who are in the 1st grade are at 0/12.

Persons who completed primary or secondary training curriculums but did not pass the final exam at each level of education are considered to complete the next lower grade at each level of education: the 8th grade of 12 or the 6th grade of 10 for primary school, or the 11th grade of 12 (or the 9th of 10) for secondary school.

Similarly, persons who completed training curriculum at each grade (such as the 5th grade of 12), but do not have passing scores for that class, would have the highest grade completed at the lower grade (e.g. the 4th grade of 12).

All other types of equivalent classes, such as at continuing education school, evening general education school, etc. are equivalent with classes at formal general education school.

Persons who studied abroad should report the grade and name of the country where they received education. Persons who attended French schools before the country's independence should report their grade and level of education.