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Questions 18-26 are only for people 12 years of age and older

21. What does the company, organization or business where you work (or work) do? Examples: passenger transportation, furniture making, coffee-growing, education, etc.


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Questions 18-26 are only for people 12 yrs of age and older

For questions 20 -- 25, take the information for the previous job when a person is "looking for work having been previously employed".

Question No.21

[The instructions refer to a graphic of section VI, question 21 on the census form.]

-- In a precise manner, write down the activity of the company, organization, or business where the person works or worked.

-- If a secretary in a clothing factory, write down clothing factory.
-- If a doorman and works in a hospital, write down Medical service.
-- If a driver for the "Ministerio de Trabajo" (National Ministry of Labor), write down public administration.
-- If a bank manager, write down "servicio bancario" (banking service).
-- If an administrator for a coffee plantation, write down "Hacienda de Café" (coffee plantation).

-- When the person does not work for a company, organization or business but works on their own account, write down this industry:
-- If a seamstress in her house, write confección de ropa (production of clothing).
-- If the person makes and sells corn cakes (arepas), write down food sales.
-- If a street peddler (buhonero), write down merchandise sales.

If the company, organization, or business dedicates itself to more than one industry, write down the principal industry.