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(Only for people 12 years of age and older.)

25. What does the organization, company, establishment or business where you work (or worked) produce or do, or what service does it render?


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Question 25

-- What is produced, what service is offered, or what does the organization, enterprise, establishment, or business where the person works do?

The product produced, the service offered, or the activity of the company, organization, or institution where the person currently works, or previously worked, should be recorded here.

Do not write down the name of the owner, company, or organization where the person works or worked. Only the principal activity or the purpose of the company or organization should be recorded. In the case of large Ministries, Corporations, Governments, and public and private companies, the specific function of the agency [or department] in which the person works or worked should be recorded.

If the person works in various sites [has more than one employment], only the function or purpose of the work that brings in the most income is recorded.

When the person performs more than one function or activity, only the principal activity is recorded.

If the person performs the activity in the home, the activity is recorded as if it were that of a regular company or establishment (washing clothes, selling food, making clothes, selling clothes, etc.).

Examples of possible answers:

If the person claims to be a nurse and to work in the medical service of an iron/steel works company, write down: medical service - iron/steel industry.

If the person is a shorthand typist who claims to have worked in an engineers office in his/her last employment, write down: engineering office.

If the person is a carpenter in a furniture store (mueblería), ask the person to specify the activity of the business. If the answer is furniture manufacturing, then write down: furniture manufacturing.

If the person claims to be a public employee and works for the Ministry of the Treasury, ask the person to specify the agency. If the answer is "taxes", write down: income tax.

If the person is a peasant who milks cows in a farm that produces milk, write down: milk farm.

If the person washes clothing for other people in the home, write down: laundry woman (lavandera) in the home.

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If the person is a domestic employee, write down: family home.

If the person is a member of the military, write down: armed forces.