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For all people age 12 or older
[Questions 16-28 were asked of persons age 12 or older]

27. What does the place or establishment where you work (or worked) principally do? ________

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Persons age 12 or older

Question 27. What does the place or establishment where you work (or worked) principally do?

For the correct filling out, it is necessary to investigate what is the principal activity that effectively is done in the establishment where the enumerated person works or worked.

The description will be the most complete and precise possible about the activity or activities done in the place.

To make the description, it is recommended that you follow certain rules stated below:

  • When it is a place of "commerce", you should investigate and always write down: "Commercial wholesale (or retail) of..."
  • When it is a place of "industrial manufacture", you should always right down: "Making of..."
  • Also when it is places with an industrial activity you should make reference to the products made and sold, in a precise form. It is not enough, for example, to write "Making of shoes". You should explain: "Making of leather shoes", or "Making of sport rubber soled shoes", or "Making of canvas shoes", "or "Making of plastic shoes".
  • In the same way, in the making of curtains, you should explain: "Making of cloth curtains", "Making of plastic curtains", [or] "Making of metal curtains"; and of furniture: "Making of wooden furniture", [or] "Making of metal furniture".
  • When it is places with commercial activities, you should detail what lines of concrete commercial products are sold. For example: "Retail food store", " Wholesale leather store", "Bazaar", "Hardware store", "Drug store", "Furniture store", "Builders merchant", "Wool storage".
  • When it is places with service activities, you should explain concretely what type of service. For example: "Repairing of vehicles", "Distribution of movies", "Cleaning and washing of clothes", "Hair dresser and beauty store".
  • In the case of hotels, other places of lodging, restaurants, cafes, and other places where food and drink are served, you will write down: "Restaurant", "Hotel", "Boarding house", "CafĂ©", "Bar", etc.
  • In the case of mining and quarries, you will write down: "Stone and sand quarry", "Granite quarry", etc.

Resuming, from a precise idea from the activity of the establishment, business, factory, etc., avoiding general names.
If they say "Industry", ask the type of industry (textile, metal, plastics).

If they answer "Factory", ask area (footwear, clothes, sweets, etc.).

If they say "Clinic", ask of what specialty (maternity, trauma, etc.).

If they answer "Farm", ask if it is livestock, dairy, agricultural, tourist-ecological, etc.

In cases of businesses that have establishments that do more than one activity, for example production and commerce, you should write down the activity that develops the unit where the enumerated person works.

If an enumerated person does not share their services in any of the aforementioned places, as is the case of street peddlers or workers who work at household (without having a business), taxi drivers or transport workers who work in their own vehicle, etc. you should ask that they describe what they make, repair, clean, transport, etc. For example: repairing of electric appliances, making of articles of clothing, transportation of cargo, animals, people, etc.