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[Questions 16 - 35 were asked of people age 16 to 74.]

[Questions 24 - 35 were asked of persons who are currently working or have ever worked.]

27. What is (was) the full title of your main job?

For example, Primary School Teacher, State Registered Nurse, Car Mechanic, Television Service Engineer, Benefits Assistant.
Civil Servants, Local Government Officers - give job title not grade or pay band.

28. Describe what you do (did) in your main job.

29. Do (did) you supervise any other employees?
A supervisor or foreman is responsible for overseen the work of other employees on a day-to-day basis.

[] Yes
[] No

30. What is (was) the business of the employer at the place where you work (worked)?
For example, Making Shoes, Repairing Cars, Secondary Education, Food Wholesale, Clothing Retail, Doctor's Surgery.
If you are (were) self-employed/freelance or have (had) your own business, what is (was) the nature of your business?
Civil Servants, Local Government Officers - please specify your Department.