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Answer to the remaining questions are not required for any person under 16 years of age (born after 21st April 1975)
[Applies to questions 13 - 19]

[Questions 14 - 18 were asked of persons who currently have or have had a job in the last 10 years]

16. Name and business of employer (if self-employed give the name and nature of the person's business)

At a, please give the name of the employer. Give the trading name if none is used. Do not use abbreviations.
At b, describe clearly what the employer (or the person if self-employed) makes or does (or did).
Armed forces - write 'Armed Forces' at a, and leave b blank. For a member of the Armed Forces of a country other than the UK - add the name of the country.
Civil Servants - give name of Department at a, and write 'Government Department' at b.
Local Government Officer - give name of employing authority at a, and depart in which employed at b.

a Name of employer ________
b Description of employer's business ________