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For All Persons

13. Educational attainment (highest level completed)

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[Question 1 - 13 apply to all persons]

Question 13 Educational attainment

115. "What is the highest level of education this person has completed?"

116. State the highest level or grade the person has completed. If the person has never been to school write "None".

117. This question applies to everyone - to those who have left school as well as to those who are attending school.

118. You may use abbreviations as follows:

for "Primary" write "P1" "P3" "P7" or as appropriate.
for Junior Secondary write "J1" "J2" or "J3".
for Senior Secondary write "S1" "S3" "S6" or as appropriate.
for First Year University write "U1" and so on up to Fifth Year University "U5".

119. This completes the questions which are to be asked of all persons. Make sure there is an entry in each box and that the entry is correct.