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D. Economic activity: All persons aged 5 years and above
[Questions 23-27 were asked of persons aged 5+]

Economic activity

27. Industry

What is the main activity at [the respondent's] place of work for the week preceding the census' night? _ _

Write and shade the appropriate code. Codes are in a separate handbook.
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Questions 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27 ask about economic activities in the past 24 months and past one week, employments status, work, and main activities at work place [industry] for individuals aged 5 years and above.

For census purposes, a job is any economic activity, whether you get paid, make profit, do barter trade, or for domestic paid jobs.
Explanation/clarification of the question: Questions on economic activities will enable the nation understand the level of employment in various economic sectors, types of employment, scarcity of employment, amount of available labor force, and areas of employment.