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D. Economic activity
For persons age 5 and older
[Questions 16-20.]

20. Industry
What is the main activity at [respondent's] place of work for the last seven days?

Write the appropriate code?
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D. Employment: For people of age five and above
This part has five questions (question 16-20) which have to be answered by people of age 5 and above. For census purposes, a job is any economic activity, either if you get paid, make profit, do barter trade, or for domestic use. Housework is not regarded as a job except looking for firewood and fetching water from a source which is far from the respondent's living place. Housework includes laundry works, cleaning, cooking, etc. The housework mentioned above will be considered as economic activities if they are paid for. A house maid doing these works should be considered as employed.

Question 20: What is the main activity in your place of work?
This question aims at main activity at the place of work and not the work done by the respondent in the place of work. People who answer the question must have worked in that place for at least seven days. For example, an accountant employed by a beer company will use code "4" and not code "11", but if he/she works for the government meaning he/she is providing services then will use code "11".
Note: There is a possibility of having many activities in the respondent's place of work. But, the activity we are interested in is the main activity, one that most employees spend most of their time doing.
1. Agriculture for cash crops and food crops = 01
All crops produced for food or commercial purposes. It includes:

  • Farming and other farming related activities.
  • Forestry, timber harvesting and other related activities.

2. Fishing, livestock and hunting = 02
Fishing, fish keeping, animal keeping, hunting and other related activities.
3. Mining, stone quarrying and sand extraction = 03
This group includes the following:
  • Mineral mining and rocks quarrying
  • Coal mining
  • Natural gas and oil mining and other related activities
  • Iron ore mining
  • Other minerals mining and stone quarrying

4. Production of different types of goods = 04
This group includes the following:
  • Food and beverages production
  • Cigarettes and other goods production
  • Fabric production
  • Cloth making and coloring
  • Production of goods made of skin
  • Timber production and wooden goods
  • Paper production and other paper goods
  • Journalism and printing

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  • Production of oil made products
  • Medicine production and production of goods made of those medicines
  • Rubber production and products made of rubber
  • Production of goods made of minerals apart from metal
  • Metal production
  • Producing fabricated metal products apart from machines
  • Machine production and other tools
  • Production of office machines and calculators
  • Production of electronic machines and laboratory equipments
  • Production of radio, television, and other communication equipments
  • Production of medical instruments and watches
  • Cars production and other transport vessels
  • Furniture production
  • Recycling.

5. Electricity, gas and water = 05
This group includes those who deal with:
  • Electricity, gas, steam and hot water
  • Collection, preservation of water and distribution

6. Construction = 06
This group includes those involved in all kinds of construction
7. Selling non-cooked food = 07
This group includes all foods sold raw (such as potatoes, fruits, cassava, beans, etc.)
8. Other businesses = 08
This group includes: wholesale businesses, retail and agents in business together with food sold in restaurants and hotels, etc.
9. Transport and communication = 09
This group includes:
  • Land transport using cars, etc.
  • Water transport
  • Air transport
  • Other transporting activities
  • Postal services and communication services

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10. Institution of insurance and finance = 10
This group includes:
  • Foreign currency exchange activities
  • Insurance and pension, does not include payment for social services
  • Other foreign currency exchange related activities

11. Services, education and administration = 11
This group includes:
  • Administration and security, social security services
  • Health and community development and all types of health services
  • Sewage systems, garbage collection, and all other related services
  • Political parties activities

12. Others = 96
These are other duties done in working places that cannot be grouped in the above mentioned groups
13. Those who do not mention = 99