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Section 4. Economic activity - For all persons 15 years old and over

This section deals with the economic activity of all who are 15 years old and over. It relates to the past week as well as the past 12 months. Questions 16 to 18 apply to those answering from 10 to 30 in Question 15.

Interviewer: Job seekers and persons wanting work must have responses to Questions 16-18

18(a). What is the name of the establishment or government department in which [the respondent] worked/had a job, e.g. Ministry of Health (St. Ann's Hospital), Pete's Advertising Agency?

Name of establishment ____
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Section 4 - Economic activity-questions [15] to [21]
The main purpose of this section is to determine which individuals have been engaged in economic activity, that is the production of goods and services for sale during the week preceding enumeration and at any time during the past twelve [12] months and, those who were not so engaged. It is essential that the enumerator understands the concept of the term work as given in question [15] and makes use of it in his interviews. Generally, work done outside Trinidad and Tobago is not relevant to the census, but work done under contract on Canadian farms by residents is to be included, as also is work by resident crew on ships and aircraft operating outside of the country.
It should be noted that priority is given to work over all other activities. Also, economic activity holds precedence over non-economic.

Question 18 - Industry or type of business

The industry or type of business describes the nature of the kind of economic activity or the establishment in which the economically active person worked during the past week or if unemployed, last worked or applied for work. Obtain the name of the firm. In the case of persons employed by the local or central government, write the office or department in which they worked or were employed, whilst for self-employed persons with no fixed place of work or no business name write 'self' for name of establishment.
For domestic servants or other personal service workers who worked as paid employees in private homes write in the space reserved for industry-private home.
As in the preceding question, avoid vague descriptions of the type of business. For example, do not merely record the type of business as sugar, but indicate whether it is cane-growing, sugar manufacturing [factory], etc. Similarly, show oil refinery separately from bulk oil distribution. Do not merely record oil.