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Part IV: Questions on personal characteristics

Employment status in the last week
(Ask persons age 12 or older)
[Questions 34-42 were asked of persons age 12 or older]

Ask those who answer question 34 as "Worked" or "Didn't work but has a job"
[Questions 35-38 were asked of persons age 12 or older who worked or didn't work but had a job last week, as per question 34]

37. Nature of work done at the work place where you worked last week or you continue to work

(Public service, retail trade, banking, manufacture of refrigerators, TV repairs, etc.)


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Section IV: Questions regarding individual characteristics (11-42)
This section includes questions (questions 11-42) about the population's social and economic characteristics. In this section, only write the characteristics of those people present at the time and place where the census is being conducted.
Whether or not the household head is at home, be absolutely sure to begin by first writing his/her name and surname on the first line of Section IV, together with all of his/her characteristics (from question 11 to question 42). Take care that the household head's name and surname entered in this section is identical to the one written in in the first line of Section III.
After writing down all of the characteristics of the household head, whether he/she is at home or not, also write down all the characteristics of the other household members at home, beginning from the oldest and proceeding in order of age, from oldest to youngest. After the household members, write onto the dotted line in printed letters, in order of their ages, the names surnames and all the characteristics of those, who, while being present at home, are not household members. Answer questions with a box, by placing an "X" into it.

(Questions 29-42 are for persons age 12 or older)

Employment status within the last week (34-41)
(Persons age 12 and older)

(Ask questions 35 - 38 of those who replied "Worked" or "Did not work, but continue to maintain job" to question 34)

Question 37: What is the nature of the business/activity pursued by the place, establishment or workplace that you were working in or with which you did not sever your connection, during the last week?

(Public service, retail trade, banking, refrigerator manufacture, TV repair, etc.)

Write the nature of work being done in the workplace of the person being administered the census, clearly and unambiguously. In this question, please do not repeat the name of the person's workplace or the job that the person performs in that workplace.

As for example: Field agriculture, viticulture, beekeeping, livestock fattening, vegetable growing, textile weaving, ginning and textile finishing, macaroni production, drug production, wholesale trade, retail trade, passenger road transport, intra-city cargo transport, road construction, building construction, health services, educational services, public service, barbering, tailoring.

For the activity being pursued by the place that officers, non-commissioned officers and privates and other white collar workers, laborers, and low-level/low skill employees working in the military, instead of "Military services", write "Military" as its [more] concise equivalent.