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[Questions S10-S11 were asked of persons age 13+ who were working, as per question S9.]

S10. Kind of Industry
What kind of industry, business or service job? ____

Record characteristic of business/service. For example: farming, aerated water factory, government school, retail electric store

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Column S8-S11: ask persons age 13 years or older (or who were born before 1 April 1977)

Column S9: Main occupation last year (1 April 1989 - 31 March 1990)
Ask: "During last year, what kind of work did ___(name)___ spend most of his/her time on?

Record the description of occupation, job description and position clearly. Examples are farmer, painter, engraver, furniture craftsman, laborer in rice mill, house maid, etc. (Do not record occupations such as government officer or merchant because they are not specific.)
Craftsman: Record what he/she made specifically such as making furniture, building houses, etc.
Teacher: Record the subject that he/she taught such as geography, math, arts, etc. If he/she taught more than one subject, record the subject on which he/she spent most of his/her time. If he/she is responsible for a particular, record the specific class he/she is responsible for such as grade1 in secondary school, grade 2 in primary school, etc.
Engineer or technician: Record the specific category of engineer or technician that he/she was such as civil engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, mechanic technician, etc.
Clerk: Record the duty and description of the job such as typing, delivering documents, measuring, delivering products, etc.
Nurse: Record the type of nurse such as health care nurse, registered nurse, clinical nurse, home nurse, etc.
Driver: Record the type of automobile a person drove such as truck driver, pick-up driver, bus driver, rented-car driver, tricycle driver, etc.
Farmer: Record the type of crops grown in the plantation/farm such as coconut, fruits, palm trees, rubber, vegetables, flowers, cassava, corn, sugar cane, tobacco, etc.
Employee: Record the type of work that a person was employed to do such as carrying things, dish washing, laundry, digging soil, etc.
If there is more than one occupation, record only one main occupation last year by considering the following criteria:

1. The occupation at which the person spent most of his time during the last year period.
2. The occupation from which a person earned more income, if a person spent equal amount of time on many occupations.

If a person does not know the occupation or position but knows that he/she was working last year, record "working but not knowing occupation".

If a person did not work at all did not have any occupation last year, such as pensioner, lender, etc., record "not working" and omit Columns S10 and S11.

Column S10: Type of work or enterprise category of the work place (industry)
[Ask only persons who recorded occupations in column S9.]

Ask: "............... (name) ................" what enterprise or business are you working on, or what are you producing?
Guidelines for recording the type of work or enterprise category of the work place:

1. Specify the type of enterprise of the work place or the business place at which the person was working. Record specific type of business such as medical clinic for ear, nose, and throat; general X-ray company; radio and television repair shop, etc.

2. If it is the company or the department store that involves merchandise, record specifically whether the business is retail or wholesale, or both. Examples are retail radio company, wholesale and retail Thai merchandise shop, wholesale and retail dishware shop, coffee and beverage shop, retail pharmacy, retail gold and jewelry shop, etc.

3. If the work place belongs to the government or government enterprise, record the type of work or the name of the office at which the person was working. Examples are Interior Trading Department, Telephone Authority of Thailand, Hospital, Primary school, Thai merchandise retail shop of the Industrial Support Department etc. For the government's offices in the provinces, record the name, division or office such as District Educational Division District Revenue Office, etc.

4. If one work place involves more than one business or activity:
4.1 If each business has a separate office, record the type of business at which a person was working. For example, in a beer factory the wholesale office is located separately from the factory. If a person worked in the wholesale office, record "wholesale office of a beer factory."
4.2 If the activities are in the same office, but they are separated into divisions or sections, record the type of business is the most important in that work place and the division at which the respondent is working. For example, if a person is working in the fabric-dyeing division of a fabric-weaving factory, record a fabric-weaving factory, fabric-dyeing division. If a person is working in the mechanic shop of an automobile retail company, record automobile retail company, mechanic shop division, etc.

Example: Mr. A works in the fabric-printing division of a fabric-weaving factory and Mr. B is working in the fabric-dyeing division of the same factory. Record the type of business of Mr. A's work place as "fabric-weaving factory, fabric-printing division", and "fabric-weaving factory, fabric-dyeing division".

4.3 If all activities are in the same office and have not been divided into separated divisions, and the persons who work at the office engage in more than one activity, record the most important activity of that business. For example, in a shoe-producing shop that produces, sells, and repairs shoes, a person who sells shoes is the same person who makes and repairs shoes as well. In this case, record the type of business of a working place as "shoe-producing shop" because producing of shoes is more important than selling or repairing shoes.
4.4 In the case where a store has both retail and wholesale merchandise, ask whether the type of the largest amount merchandise is wholesale or retail and record that type. For example, a store sells can-products from abroad and has more wholesale than retail. Record the type of work place as "can-products wholesale shop". If the amount of wholesale and retail are the same, record the type of work place as "can-products wholesale and retail shop".

5. If the respondent operates the business at his/her own house, such as dressmaker shop, lawyer office, radio repair shop, laundry shop, consider the house where a person live as the business office. Record the job description or the type of business according to the type of activity. For example, Mr. B opened a radio repair shop at his own house, record "radio repair". Or Miss A opened a laundry shop at her own house, record "laundry service", etc.

6. If a person does not have any specific office or a permanent office/work place for his business, record the type of business in which a person is engaged. For example, Mr. A is a house painter, record "house painting". Mr. B is a rice farmer, record "rice farming".

7. For a taxi, motor-tricycle or bus driver, regardless of the vehicle ownership, the criteria for recording must be:
a) If it is a taxi or motor-tricycle, record "passenger transport"
b) If it is a bus, record "bus service".

8. For a person who drives a shipping truck, regardless of the vehicle ownership, record "Shipping merchandise". In the case that a person drives a shipping truck of a can goods wholesale shop, record "can goods wholesale shop".

9. The employee who works in a private house, such as housemaid, record the job description or the type of business at the working place as "private service". For example, Miss E does laundry at Mrs. A's house, record "employee in private household".

10. For laborers, record the job description or the type of business at the work place in which a person worked last year.

The job description or the type of business of the work place at which a person worked last year must correspond to the main occupation at which a person had engaged in previous year.

Prohibition in recording the job description or the type of business at the working place
Do not record the name of company, the name of department store, or the name of the shop without recording the type of business of the work place. Examples are Disco, Taew Aiew Hong shop, Chareonphan Shop, etc.