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For Persons born before and in 1968
[Questions L9-12 were asked of persons 12 and older.]

L10. Occupation last year (April 1979 to March 1980): What were you doing most of the time last year? ____

Record kind of work. If did not work, record "did not work"

If working in L10
[Questions L11-12 were asked of persons who are working, per question L10.]

L11. Industry last year (April 1979 to March 1980) ____

Example: Education Section, Farming, Aerated Water Factory, Government school
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3.26 Description of the Enterprise or the Type of the Working Place of the
Enterprise (Industry):

The type of enterprise at which one is working e.g., Department of Internal Trade, Telephone Authority of Thailand, Bureau of Government Budget, District Office, construction company, soft drink factory, gunny bag weaving factory, retail shop, garage, restaurant, etc.

Or the type of the job that one is working e.g., rice farming, painting, transport, personal service, etc.

Columns 9 - 12
Ask those who are 11 years old and over, or those who were born before or in the year 1968 (Monkey year)

Column 10 Last year main occupation (April 1979 - March 1980)

Ask "Let me know what you have mainly worked in last year"

Record last year occupation (between April 1979 - March 1980) of the person, e.g. chief police officer, construction worker, jewelers, cosmetic seller, statistician, rice carrying laborer, etc. (DO NOT record Government Service or Trader).

In case of carpenters, be specific, whether they are furniture maker or house constructor. They must have spent most of their time in last year on the aforementioned occupation.

In case that they have more than one occupation and have spent the same time on both occupations, consider the occupation that yields more income as the main occupation.

If not working at all or not having any occupation in last year, record "Did not work."

Column 11 Type of work or type of business of the working place

(Ask only the persons whose occupations recorded in Column 10. If Column 10 is not recorded or recorded "Did not work," DO NOT ask Column 11 or terminate the interview.

Ask "What is a kind of work in your business?", or "What is your business?".

Record type of business of the working place of the person in detail as much as possible, e.g. sugar factory, soft drink factory, electric appliances, shop, construction company, etc. or in some case type of work are recorded e.g., rice farming, mat weaving, street vendor, or fishing, etc.

For government or private offices, record name of the department or organization e.g., National Statistical Office, Department of Interior Trading, Glass Organization, Battery Organization, Government Saving Bank, Bangkok Water Supply, etc.

For government agencies in other provinces, record name of the division or office, e.g. Education Division, Regional Office of Inland Revenue, Petch Buri Public Hospital, etc.

For companies, partnerships, shops or factor, DO NOT record the name, but record type of business or work. For example, "Thai Namthip factory" record "soft drink factory," "Thai Tricot" record "textile factory," "Chaichana Panich" record "grocery shop," etc.