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If recorded "working" in question 22, answer questions 23 and 24.

23. Type of industry (e.g. tobacco, movie theatre, school, rice fields, etc.) ______

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3.30 Enterprise type of the working place means:
3.30.1 The enterprise type of the place at which one is working such as a tire factory, Department of Foreign Trade, Housing office, Tourism Authority of Thailand, gunny bag weaving factory, State Railway of Thailand, movie theatre, etc.

3.30.2 The type of job on which the person is working such as durian farming, umbrella making, rice farming, transportation service, etc.

[From column 17 to column 24, ask only persons age 11 years or older.]

If working in Column 22, answer in columns 23 and 24.

Column 23: Industry (Type of enterprise of the working place)
(See details in chapter 3 number 3.30)
Ask: "What type of enterprise or industry was the person's working place?" Record the type of enterprise of the working place in detail as much as possible.
Examples are: sugar factory, Provincial Electricity Authority, salon, bus station, construction company, etc.

If the person is self-employed, record the type of industry/business that person works. Examples are: fruit plantation, food vendor, rice farming, fishing, weaving textiles, etc.

If the person owns a company, store, or factory, record do not record the name of the company, store, or the factory, but record the type of business. For example, for "Thai Namthip factory" record "soft drink factory", or for "Archanay Insurance Company" record "insurance company", etc.

Examples of main occupations and type of industries
Mr. A works as an accountant in a bag-weaving factory. Mr. A's occupation is "accountant", and the industry of his working place is "bag-weaving factory".
Mr. B works as a ticket collector in a movie theatre. Mr. B's occupation is "ticket collector", and the industry of his working place is "movie theatre".
Mr. C works on a vegetable farm. Mr. C's occupation is "vegetable farmer", and the industry type is "vegetable farming".
Mr. D drives a truck to deliver merchandise. Mr. D's occupation is a "truck driver", and the industry type is "truck driving".