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V. Information on members of the household

2. Persons age 10 or older
[Questions 14-21 were asked of persons age 10 or older]

[Questions 16-20 were asked of persons age 10 or older with employment or who performed some other activity, per questions 14 and 15.]

17. What does the establishment where you work or where you worked for the last time do or make?

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4.5.4 Persons age 10 or older
These questions numbered 14 to 21 will be asked to those who are age 10 or older, males and females. If the person is younger than 10, the interview will end, canceling the corresponding page.

17. Economic activity
What do you do or produce or what company do you work for, or did you work for most recently?

This question should clearly record the activity that the company, institution or establishment is dedicated to in the place where the informant performs their work or the work that they do themselves in the week referred to, for example: make shoes, repair shoes, make dresses, sell lottery tickets, accounting, teach classes, make bricks, plant sugar cane, prevent, control and cure population illnesses, produce statistical information, notary services, etc.