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All persons [Questions P01-P20]

[Section II was answered for all persons who selected living in occupied housing units in question I15]

Disability [Questions P15-P19]

P17. Second type of disability

Answered only if the respondent answered yes to having a disability in P15.

[] 00 None
[] 01 Physical disability (Polio)
[] 02 Physical disability (Amputee)
[] 03 Blind or visually impaired
[] 04 Partially sighted
[] 05 Deaf
[] 06 Partially deaf
[] 07 Speech difficulties
[] 08 Mute/Dumb
[] 09 Mental difficulties
[] 10 Spinal injury/disability
[] 11 Psychiatric disability
[] 12 Epileptic
[] 13 Rheumatism
[] 14 Albinism
[] 15 Kyphoscoliosis (Hunch Back)
[] 16 Other
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Section 2: Population characteristics

Columns (P01) to (P20) -- These should provide particulars of all persons who slept in the household on census night. The questions therefore apply to all persons irrespective of age or sex, except P13 which applies to persons 5 years and above.

P16 and P17 - Type of disability
124. Ask for the type of disability and record the appropriate code (refer to the code list). For example, 'Physical disability (Polio) is 01; 'Physical disability (Amputee) ' is 02, etc.

125. Some people may have more than one disability. In such cases, record the most serious one as main in P16and the other as 2nd in P17.