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Questions 20-23 are to be completed only by persons who answered 1 or 2 to question 19. For persons looking for another job, the last occupation should be registered

22 Work place

____ Full name of unit
____ Main activity of the work place _ _

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78. Q. 20 - 23 from chapter IV of the form will be completed only for persons who at Q. 19 - "Economic status of the enumerated person" - were classified under code 1 - occupied - or code 2 - seeking another place of work. For the latter (code 2) the previous situation will be recorded at Q. 20-23.

For persons who at Q. 19 had been recorded with one of the codes from 3 to 9, Q. 20-23 will be crossed over with a diagonal line.

Q. 22 Work place

81. The enumerator will record the work place based on the declaration of the enumerated person regarding:

The full name of the unit (company, autonomous body, institution, organization), of the sub-unit (section, workshop, factory, store) where the person is working;

The main activity of the unit/sub-unit where the person is working;

This characteristic will be recorded for all persons registered as "employed" and "looking for another job" at Q. 19 (code 1 and 2). Persons looking for another job and those temporarily absent from work will be recorded with the previous place of work.

82. The unit and sub-unit name where the person currently performs the job will be recorded clearly without abbreviations.

Record the specific socio-economic unit where the enumerated person is working, such as an autonomous body, a commercial society, an enterprise, an institution (financial, administrative, educational, etc), a cooperative (of production, of consumption, or of credit), a store, an organization, association, etc.

For example:

Autonomous Body for Transportation from Bucharest, Cooperative for consumption from Novaci, Commercial Company for Agricultural Mechanization from Blaj, Commercial Society for Electromotor trade from Timisoara, National Romanian Bank, The craftsmen Cooperative the Metal, Bees Breeding Association, The Post and Telecommunication School Group, The Caritas Clinic Hospital.

If from the specific socio-economic activity of the unit is not obvious from the name, then after the registered name the enumerator is required to write the kind of the main activity of the unit.
For example:
The Company Vulcan SA - for production of boilers and energy equipment; Commercial Company Remat SA from Gorj - recycling of re-usable materials; Commercial Society Delicia Com Limited - retail trade; Commercial Society Elast Limited - for import/export activity.

When the enumerated person works in a sub-unit having a distinct activity within the socio-economic unit which performs activities necessary for other units (such as the plant, factory, section, computer station, transportation division, oil derrick, exploitation, cafeteria, presentation and selling shop, kindergarten, hostel, etc.), the enumerator will record the name of the sub-unit after the name of the unit.

For example:
Commercial Company Sidex - the coke chemical plant;
Commercial Company Aversa SA - for pumps production - "the cafeteria;"
Commercial Company "Rul" for ball-bearings production - "the Computer station;"
The Share Holders Company - Garments Resita - "The kindergarten".

When the socio-economic unit has a geographic sub-units, record both the name of the unit and the name of locality followed by the name of the sub-unit and the name of locality where enumerated person is working.

For example:
Distrigaz Northern Tirgu Mures - the natural gas distribution branch in Arad.

Note that:

for managerial staff and for those who work in functional, administrative departments of autonomous bodies, commercial companies or other units, which have sub-units in their authority, only record the unit name;

for cooperative members who work in an agricultural co-operative, in industrial, construction, or kindergarten activities, also record the section name;

for persons who work at home on contract for public or private economic or co-operative units, manufacturing objects or performing various operations, recorded the unit (sub-unit) for which they work as the work place;

for farmers in their own households, record - "own agricultural household" for place of work; for private craftsmen - "own workshop", for private lawyers - "own office," etc.;

for persons working on their own account (carpenters, laundresses, chimney sweepers, taxi drivers, tutors etc.), record - "own account worker;"

persons hired for building maintenance (service personnel, doormen, etc.), record "locative association" as the place of work;

for persons hired as private, domestic staff (for child or senior care, domestic personnel, etc.), record "domestic personnel;"

for persons on compulsory military service, recorded "public administration;"

for persons detained or retained for investigation who, at Q. 19 were registered as having the economic status of "occupied" (code 1) or "looking for another job" (code 2), record the last work place this person had.

83. The main (current) activity of the unit/sub-unit where the enumerated person is working: the enumerator will record the main activity of the place of work as follows:

Main activity of the unit - if the enumerated person is performing his occupation in an socio-economic unit without sub-units, or is performing a management, functional or administrative activity.

Main activity of the sub-unit - whenever the person states that he working in a separately organized sub-unit, whose name is recorded on the form.

Note that the main unit/sub-unit activity is recorded and not the specific activity of the enumerated person.

For example:
- for a person who works checking personnel in and off the clock for the Aversa Company - turnery shop, record the activity of the work place as "metal turnery goods" (indicating the activity of the unit) and not "checking personnel on the clock" (the person' s activity);
- for a person who works as a driver at Romania National Bank or at theAnda Shop, record "banking activity" and "trade," respectively, and not "transport."

In the case of socio-economic social units with complex activities, which have secondary activities performed in sub-units in addition to the main activity, recorded the sub-unit activity where the enumerated persons works and not the activity of the main unit.

For persons who work in auxiliary services of the unit (accounting, marketing, consultancy, products wrapping etc.), record the main activity of that unit and not the activities performed in the separate sections.

The same procedure will be followed for supply and auto-transportation activities, equipment repairs, research and development, design, and informatics when these activities are not performed in separate, specially organized sections.

For persons who work in sub-units such as a nursery, kindergarten, shop, club, hostel for non -family people, recorded the activity performed by the sub-unit.

The following activities are considered separate activities and will be recorded as follows:
Research, design, informatics - performed in sections, workshops, offices or separate compartments

Equipment repairs performed in separate sections (factories)

Construction equipment-assembly performed in special sub-units (work sites)

Production of wrapping needed for selling the main products of the unit, produced by specialized sub-units - indicate the kind of material used for wrapping (wood, metal, glass, etc.).

For individual farmers in their own households, craftsmen, salesmen, private physicians etc., record here the specific activity of the work place: animal breeding, pottery, trade, health etc.

The enumerator will not code the boxes for this item.