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II. Educational characteristics

For those 7 years of age and older

13. What is the highest grade or course of regular schooling you completed?

Write the grade or course on the appropriate line. Also indicate the degrees obtained (regular schooling).

[] 00 None
[] 99 Unknown
[] 1 ____ Primary
[] 2 ____ Basic
[] 3 ____ Humanities secondary
[] 4 ____ High school
[] 5 ____ Normal
[] 6 ____ Teacher-training
[] 7 ____ University

____ Degrees obtained (specify)

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II. For persons age 7 and older. Educational characteristics

Question 13. What is the last grade or course attained in regular instruction?

Read each of the options. Write down the grade or course in the corresponding life. Make an X in the box corresponding to none if the person did not attain any grade. Make an X in the box corresponding to unknown if the person giving the information does not know the level of instruction of the person.

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Regular instruction means the instruction imparted in schools, high schools [colegios], and Universities (public or private), and the instruction imparted by other institutions that offer equivalent titles, even if they are of a distinct nature: military academies, religious schools [Salesianos], technical and vocational schools, agricultural school, etc.

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For those persons who have completed adult literacy courses, use the following equivalencies:

Adult literacy :

1st course attained
2nd course attained
3rd course attained

Regular instruction:
3rd grade attained
5th grade attained
6th grade attained

Titles obtained: On this line, write the titles obtained by the person in the institutions of regular teaching.

Example: Bachelor of commerce, bachelor of humanities, lawyer, civil engineer, etc.