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Individual questionnaire

Answer the questions 29 to 35 if you are employed, if you are unemployed and have already worked (use as reference the last occupation held. If you are not in one of the previous situations, go to question 36.

33. What is the main activity of the company or organization where you practise the occupation indicated?

If you work in a company with several establishments, please indicate the economic activity of the establishment where you work.
If you work for a company, but are currently assigned to work in another company, please indicate the economic activity of your employer

Be clear and precise
(avoid using "of the", "of", "and")
For example: instead of trade, education or textile industry, be more precise and indicate footwear retail trade, secondary school or clothing manufacture factory.


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7.2.4. Individual

Questions 29-35 must be answer with reference to the same job

Question 33 - What is the main activity of the company or organization where you practiced the occupation indicated?
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Main activity is the type of economic activity developed in a business or establishment in which the individual performs his/her main activity during the week in reference.
The description of main activity must be precise: instead of "Public servant" you must indicate, for example Financial Distributor, Hospital, Middle School, Court, Social Security, etc. Instead of "Industry" you must indicate shoe factory, textile factory, woven goods factory and instead of "Business" indicate bulk sales, or specialty dealer, etc.
If a person works in a business with many establishments, you need to indicate the activity of the establishment or workplace, and not the main activity of the business.
Example: a person works in a shoe store (a salesperson) that belongs to a business whose main activity is the production of that product, you must indicate specialty dealer and not shoe factory.
If the person is self-employed, you must indicate the type of activity that the person does.
Example: accounting, furniture retailer, mechanic auto-repair shop, etc.
If the person works as an employee, you must indicate the activity of the business.
Example: merchandise shipping business, auto body painting garage, hotel, restaurant, textile mill, secondary school, Municipal City Hall, etc.
If the person is a business administrative assistant, but mainly provides services to another business, you must answer according to the activity of the business that the person works for.
People who work for security or cleaning services, must be considered as part of the establishment for which they render services, and not the place where they perform their duties.
Example: A security guard works for a security services business and works at a mall, you must answer private security and not a mall.
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Temporary workers must be considered as doing the economic activity of the company who hired them and not the temporary work company.
If during the week of reference, the person was unemployed but looking for a new job, you need to record the last job they had.