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5 Years Old and Over

P16. In what kind of business or industry is/was [respondent]'s current/last employer engaged in?
[37 categories are specified in the CP Form 2A Codes Sheet: see image]

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Class of Worker (P15) and Kind of Business or Industry (P16)

The question P15 is to be asked for those who were engaged in an economic activity in the past 12 months: "For whom or where does/did _________ work?"

The response to this question should refer to the current economic activity/ies, if any, or the most recent activity/ies if not currently economically active. If the person has more than one activity, this question should be answered in relation to that activity in which he/she spends longer hours. If she/he spends an equal number of hours in these activities, the activity to be reported should be that one which yields the highest income.

Possible responses are categorized into seven (7) classes of workers:

1. Worked for private household. If a person worked in a private household for pay, in cash or in kind. Examples are family drivers, gardener, yaya, household help and other persons in domestic service.

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2. Worked for private business/enterprise/farm. All employees in private firms and farms are classified here.

Other examples of this class of workers are:

  • persons working in public works project on private contracts
  • public transport drivers who do not own the vehicle but drive them on boundary basis
  • dock hands or stevedores
  • cargo handlers in public market, railroad stations or piers, etc.
  • palay harvester getting fixed share of harvested palay, sacadas and other farm workers

3. Worked for government/government corporation. All government employees would be classified here. Examples of this class of workers are:

  • Employees in national and local government offices, agencies and corporation
  • Filipinos working in embassies, legation, chancelleries or consulates of foreign government in the Philippines
  • Filipinos working in international organizations of Sovereign States of Government like the United Nations, World Health Organization, etc.
  • Chaplains in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

4. Self-employed without employee. If a person worked for profit or fees in own business, farm, profession or trade without any paid employee. Examples include vendors, professionals with own offices/clinics, workers who worked purely on commission basis and who have no regular working hours.

5. Employer in own farm or business. If a person, working in his own business, farm, profession or trade had one or more regular paid employees, including paid family members (code 6 below). Some cases worth noting:

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  • Domestic helpers, family drivers and other household helpers who assist in the family operated business, regardless of time spent in this activity, are NOT hired employees in the enterprises/business; hence a farm or business proprietor who is assisted purely by such domestic help is not considered an employer.
  • A retail store operator who is wholly assisted in the operation of his/her store by unpaid relatives living with him/her and who employs carpenters to construct a building for his store (with store operator supervising the work) is not an employer. However, if this operator is also the owner or partner of a firm with paid construction workers and staff, and the reported industry in P16 is building construction, then he is an employer.

6. Worked with pay on own family-operated farm or business. If a person worked in own family-operated farm or business and receives cash or a fixed share of the produce as payment for his services. Note that whenever there is a household member with this code, there should be a household member with code 5 for class of worker.

7. Worked without pay on own family operated farm or business. If a member of the family worked without pay in a farm or business operated by another member living in the same household.

Enter the appropriate one-digit code in column P15.

Item P16, "In what kind of business or industry is/was _______'s current/last employer engaged in?" refers to the economic activity reported in item P15.

Write the specific industry in which a self-employed person is currently/last engaged in or in which the person's employer is engaged in and enter appropriate code. Use the Codes Sheet which lists the 37 industry codes that you should use to classify the responses. Refer also to Appendix 11 for the specific industry under the major groups.

Below are some examples on the kind of business or industry to be reported in column P16:

1. If for several years, a person has been a public school teacher but on census day, he has already quit his teaching job and is now operating a

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sari-sari store, the kind of industry he is currently engaged in is sari-sari store and no longer government service.

2. For a person doing clerical work in a tobacco manufacturing company, report him/her as engaged in tobacco manufacturing.