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Only for those 10 years of age and older.
[Questions 14-22 were asked only of persons aged 10 and older.]

[Questions 19-22 were asked only of persons who were employed.]

20. What does this business (establishment or company) do?

Write grocery, agricultural plantation, clothing manufacture, bar, sale of food, etc., as the case may be.


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Question 20 What does this business, establishment or company do?

Write precisely the class of activity which the business, establishment, company, agricultural farm, cattle ranch, or private office whose name is written down in question 19 does. If we use as an example the cases in point "a" of the instructions, for each question the annotations about the class of activity would be in the following form:
a. Name of the Business, establishment/Class of activity that is done company etc.
The Arboleda Farm/Agriculture
The National Mattress Factory/Manufacture of mattresses
El Tamarindo Bar/Bar
Central Pharmacy/Sale of medicine
Panama America Printers/Printing of newspapers
Atlas Gas Station/Sale of gasoline
La Suerte Department Store/Sale of clothes and footwear
International Hotel/Accommodations
Balboa Brewery/Production of beer
La Mariposa Grocery Store/Groceries
Central Clinic/Medical consulting


Draw a diagonal line when a response to question 19 is:
b) The name of a Department of the Government or of the Municipality or of an Official Institution.
c) "Agricultural farm" or "Cattle Ranch".
d) "Family house."
e) "In his/her own house".
f) "In the street".
g) "In the sea".
h) "Canal Zone".