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Questions are asked to persons 10 years of age and above
[Questions 22 to 26 were asked of persons 10 years or older.]

For questions 23, 24 and 25, Q 22: [1+2+3+4] greater than 0
[Questions 23 to 25 were asked of those who answered they did agricultural (1), salary/wage (2), own economic enterprise (3), or extended economic (4) work for a total of months greater than zero.]

[24] Where did [the respondent] work? [Industry] ____

[Name the establishment or the organization where worked. eg. own land, paddy production]
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Work, economic activity, economically active/inactive manpower (columns 22-26)
Five questions from columns 22-26 are related to economic and non-economic activities. Ask these questions to the people usually living in the family and aged 10 years or older.

Column 24: where did [the respondent] do that economic activity?
Economic activity means the area of industry where the person performed the works stated in column 23. It does not refer to places like Hetauda, Pokhar, or Dhulikhel. It refers to the area of economic activity that produces goods or services. Hence, write the name of the industry and the goods or services it produces. For example, Central Bureau of Statistics - data collection and entry; Patan hospital - health service, etc. and such area of industry should be written in this column. Here, area of industry means the area of goods or service production that a person is individually or with a group engaged. The industry written here helps to categorize the country's manpower with their area of industry/business. Sectors of industries have been divided into 17 different industries. For example - agriculture and forest, mining, electricity, gas and water, construction, trade, individual and social service, transportation, etc.

Example -

1. While writing an area of business and production for the people in agriculture/farming, write "in own land - cereal crops, vegetable crops." If working in others land, write "in others farm - cereal crops, vegetable crops, or cash crops." If doing livestock rearing "in own shed/farm - livestock," "in others' farm/shed - livestock."

2. The works of a general medicine doctor are treatment and health checkup. If a person works in a hospital or any other health institution in the sector of treatment or health checkup, the works of such person would be health and social work or personal and community services. And while writing it, write as "district hospital or health institution - health service." Here hospital or health institution is included in the personal and community services - industry and its service or product is health service. But, if the doctor has been doing treatment or health checkup for the workers of garment industry, then the industry would be manufacturing industry. And the response for place of work should be written as "garment industry - garment production."

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3. The nature of work cannot be identified only by name in the case of some of the industry. E.g. From the "sangrila and company" name the nature of work cannot be determined. Therefore, if the company has done transportation of goods, write the business of a person working there as "cangrila and company - transportation service." For the person working in Nepal Telecom, write "Nepal Telecom - communication services."

Write the response of a person working in his own retail shop/grocery as "own shop/ grocery - retail trade of food items". But if the selling job has been done at depot of the food corporation, write "food corporation - food items selling." In the case of the people working in a wage basis or as a laborer, if they did the work in a private house, write "in private house - carpenter work." If a person has done plowing job in the reference time period, write the response "in others farm - paddy production," if planting/seedling cereal or vegetable, write "in others farm - cereal or vegetable production" or similar kind of production as it is.

Note: Do not write anything below in four small boxes under the response writing blank area. These boxes are only for coding purpose.