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Personal Information

For person 5 years and above
[Question 13 to 15 asked of persons 5 years and above.]

[15] What is the level of education of [the respondent]?

[] 1 Pass level ____
[] 2 Major subject [above SLC] ____
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Individual information
After collecting the introductory and household information of data sheet 1, there are questions for individual information collection on the right side of the page. To write individual information, a row has been allocated for each member of the family. Sequence and rules for information collection have been put accordingly. In line with this, ask the question and fill the information. The response of each individual question should be written in the respective column.

Column 15: what is the highest education level of [the respondent]?

[] 1 Grade/level completed ____
[] 2 If above is a (School Leaving Certificate) (SLC), write the key area/subject ____

(Do not ask this question to persons who cannot read or write, nor who do not go to school/college).

The grade/level of education means the highest level completed by persons who have attended the formal education system. Write the completed level of education. If the person has completed above SLC education, specify the area of expertise or major.

1. The level of education completed - Write the highest level of education that the person has completed. If a person has completed various subjects of same level, write the subjects that the person wants to report. Do not write the level that the person is currently studying. In the formal education system, if a person has completed a certain level of school, college or university, he/she would have taken certificate of completion. If the person has only completed school level, it could be from grade 1 to 10 or SLC. If it was college or university level, it could be intermediate, bachelor, master, or PhD. Ask the person which level he/she has completed, and write the completed level. Nowadays, children starts to go in early age. In this condition, the children who are 5 years old but are studying are attending an early grade or can only read and write. Write "00" to specify the completed level of such children.

Example - If Pramila Kumari Choudhari is currently studying in grade 9, then her completed grade should be written as 8. If someone has taken SLC exam but the result is not out yet, write the completed level as 10. For the person who failed SLC, write 10 as completed level. For people who have completed the old Nepalese school, write the current level completed (e.g. Nepalese 7, Nepalese 11, etc.). For the people who have studied Sanskrit, write the completed level as Prathma, Madhyama, Shastri, or Acharya whichever they have completed. For people who have taken some kind of training, write their completed level only if it is specified.

NB: - If a person has learned through informal education or self-study, but has not completed any formal education level, write "informal" in the place of completed level.

2. Main area/subject (If above SLC) - if a person has completed above SLC level (e.g. IA, BA, MA), write main area/subject studied after specifying completed level. If the certificate or above level completed identifies which is the main area of study (e.g. Humanities, Commerce, Science, Education, Engineering, Medicine, etc.) write it.

Example - Shyamkrishn Dhobi is studying his bachelor in Humanities. He has completed ISc (Science). In this situation, write the completed level as certificate level and area of study as Science. If Ratnamaya Nakarmi is studying her bachelor in Civil Engineering, then her completed level would be certificate level (Engineering).